Hello, I'm Samantha Lopez.
I specialize in creating custom illustrations, 3D models, animations, and user experiences that bring technology products to life.
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Design Services
3D Illustration
From product prototyping and architectural visualization to gaming assets and 3D printing.
I focus on creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that elevate the user experience and drive engagement. Wireframing and prototyping to user research and testing,
Design Systems
Product visualization, architectural rendering, advertising campaigns, and more.
Product Animation
I create product animations that highlight features, benefits, and unique selling points, while keeping your brand at the forefront
Web Development
Product visualization, architectural rendering, advertising campaigns, and more.
I offer a range of branding solutions tailored to your needs, from logo design and brand strategy to brand messaging and visual identity.
Sam, I am.
As a native of sunny Los Angeles, California, I draw inspiration from internet culture, technology, and fashion. I'm passionate about learning new skills and expanding my horizons, and as a UX Designer at PayPal, I specialize in crafting engaging visual identities, animations, and product experiences that brim with personality. Sharing my design and illustration process with others brings me joy. ❤
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